“We don’t have to be riding the bike if—” Veronica started just as Winter began pedaling. As the bike picked up momentum, she grinned and readjusted her hands on his waist. 

  She laughed when Mouse offered up a direction. “We can go right,” Veronica replied, grinning at Winter. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in town, I don’t quite remember it as well as I used to.” She could hear Mouse squeak triumphantly. “Besides, isn’t there a park on practically every avenue?” 

  “True,” commented Winter. He checked the road before pedaling down the right street. Mouse leaned dangerously over the front of the basket, stretching his little arm arms out against the wind. “Hey, careful!” Winter pulled Mouse back firmly into the basket with one hand while keeping the bike steady with another. Forcing a laugh, he said to Tabi, “He likes to try some bad stunts- doesn’t understand the possible consequences, see?” He continued peadling quietly for a few seconds before adding nervously, “Kind of like how I used to be, now that I think about it.” At that moment, he felt an immediate regret. Did I say too much?, he thought. In fear of making another careless slip, Winter kept his mouth shut and simply continued to make his way down the road.

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winter will kill me with his cute one day


  Veronica felt flustered when Winter smiled at her. He has a cute smile she thought to herself, turning away to toss the empty cup to the garbage bin. She looked back to Winter as he steadied the bike, thankful for a moment that he was distracted. She walked up to the bike, placing her hand on Winter’s shoulder to steady herself while she settled onto the back rack. 

 She could feel Winter tense up as she placed her hands on his waist to keep herself balanced. “Well,” She laughed, a bit sheepishly. “I’m ready.”

  “Right,” muttered Winter as he tried to keep a straight face. He sat uncomfortably, struggling to get used to the fact that Tabi’s hands were around him. It didn’t take long for Tabi to notice that the bike had not moved an inch. “You all right?” she asked. “Y-yes!” Winter exclaimed a little too quickly. He could feel Tabi giving him a strange look. Come on, relax already, Winter lectured himself. He exhaled loudly. “Sorry, I’m all right now,” he apologized.

   Pushing a foot against the ground, Winter gave his bike a start. It wasn’t long before the three of them (yes Mouse counts) were traveling along the road. “Which direction do you want to go?” asked Winter when he reached an intersection. Mouse squeaked, pushing against the basket’s right side. “Not you, chubby cheeks,” laughed Winter, “Tabi gets to choose today.” With a small huff, Mouse thumped his tail in the basket, but curled back up quietly. “So,” said Winter, turning his head so that he could see Tabi with his good eye, “Where do you want to go?”

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veronica smiles at winter a lot i never intended this))

correction these dorks keep smiling at each other and i’m probably gonna die because of this))  


  Veronica smacked her thigh with her free hand, laughing. “You didn’t just get one, you got several!” She snickered. “He got me in the mouth the other day, I could taste his lunch, it was an enlightening experience to say the least.” Volker’s mouth hung open, practically smiling. “You should always expect him to give you kisses.” She added, while easing herself off of the back rack. 

  “Well, I—” She paused while looking up to Winter. “Oh. You missed some slobber.” She pulled the sleeve of her shirt down a bit, and wiped it off his face. “There you go, now you’re slobber free.” She grinned at Winter, and then took a long sip of her smoothie. “Okay, I’m pretty much done with this,” Veronica started, popping Volker’s ball off her belt. “You ready to go, Volker?” Volker barked, and with that Veronica pressed the pokeball’s button. Her jolteon disappeared in a flash of red, and she replaced the ball back onto her belt. 

  “You two ready to go? “Veronica asked, flashing Winter another smile.

   When Tabi wiped the slobber off his face, Winter froze briefly as a wave of embarrassment enveloped him. The feeling confused him greatly and though he did all he could to keep his expression neutral, he ended up watching Tabi with a dorky smile. To his relief, Tabi didn’t seem to notice (or maybe she was gracious enough not to point it out) so he tried to act as if it didn’t happen. “H-heh, yeah. Slobber free. Mostly. I can feel sogginess. Some. Uh, on my string eyepatch. Eyepatch string,” he mumbled, stumbling considerably over his words- his last few were completely unintelligible. Tabi gave him a quizzical look and Winter looked down, shaking his head. “Oh it’s nothing.” Good job me. Way to go, he thought ashamedly.

  He watched as Volker went into the pokeball. While Tabi’s attention was no longer on him, Winter felt himself slowly easing back into a state of comfort. He was almost completely sure that she had noticed his earlier blunder and was grateful that she had continued to lead the conversation smoothly.

   “You two ready to go?” asked Tabi- Winter noticed her smile was as bright as before. Winter took a glimpse at Mouse, who did a little jump in his basket. “Yeah, we’re ready,” replied Winter, looking back to Tabi with a soft smile. He got onto his bike, steadying it with his feet. “Hop on.”

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